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How much would you need to earn to live comfortably in Italy, taking food, accommodations, and other essential factors into consideration? Our extensive research shows that salaries are generally higher here than in some European countries and that you can live quite comfortably even on an average income.

What is considered a good salary in Italy? Statistical data shows that gross salaries in the country average around 28,500 EUR per year, which is about 1,624 EUR net per month. A wage above 35,000 EUR is considered to be good in Italy for a single person. This is higher than average salaries across the country.

Of course, salaries aren’t the only factors to consider when determining the feasibility of moving to a particular country. Even so, you will find that living in Italy offers many perks and advantages that make the relatively high salaries even more worthwhile. Read on to find out how much you could make working in Italy.

If you are American, read this article about living in Italy before you accept the job offer.

What is considered a good salary in Italy in 2023?

What Is A Good Salary In Italy? | expatrist.com (2)

For a young and single person, upwards of 35,000 EUR per year would be considered a good salary by most people in Italy. This translates to an after-tax income of 1,949 EUR per month.

That said, about half the country’s residents would consider you “rich” if you earned 50,000 EUR or more yearly.

An income of 35,000 EUR to 50,000 EUR a year would be more than enough for you to afford the rent for a 3-bedroom apartment, a car, and all the amenities that would ensure a comfortable and enjoyable life.

It might also be enough to pay for children’s education in a small family, medical expenses, dining out, the occasional vacation, and savings for the future.

Which jobs are in-demand in Italy?

Most In-Demand Jobs in Italy in 2023

Typical salaries in Italy

Some statistical data on salaries in Italy:

  • About1.6 million Italians have a gross annual income above 60,000 EUR.
  • 22.7 million Italian workers don’t earn even 20,000 EUR/year.
  • Out of 40.5 million taxpayers, only 4% make more than 2,850 EUR net per month, while 56% have less than 1,300 EUR net per month.
  • Less than41,000 taxpayers(0.1% of the total) have anaverage gross income above 300,000 EUR(or 12,000 EUR net per month).

As with most other countries, salaries in Italy depend on many factors such as:

  • Profession
  • Qualification level
  • Education
  • Public vs private sector
  • Economic sector
  • Location
  • Size of the company

Gender and age are significant factors as well. Men generally earn 25% more than women in most sectors. Salaries start out fairly low in entry-level positions and increase as workers gain more knowledge and experience.

Location is also an important factor in determining salaries. Jobs usually pay more in the northern part of the country, which is where most industrial developments are located. In the south, where the main industries are agriculture, salaries tend to be considerably lower.

Salaries are highest in the major urban centers of Rome, Milan, and Turin. But these areas also have a significantly higher cost of living than smaller cities.

Public organizations vs private companies

In 2019, the average salary of civil servants inthe public sector was 34,500 EUR.That said, teachers in schools earned 28,440 EUR on average.

In theprivate sector, e.g. privately owned companies, wages in financial services were at 45,295 EUR on average as of 2021. Employees in agriculture, however, earned only 24,619 EUR annually on average. In manufacturing, salaries were around 30,538 EUR gross per year.

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Salaries also range depending on the professional qualifications of employees. So, in 2021, executives with large personnel responsibilities earned 112,326 EUR/year, middle managers 57,444 EUR, average office workers 31,447 EUR, and blue-collar workers 25,118 EUR (or 1,500 EUR per month).

Lastly, the larger the company, the higher the salaries: you can expect to earn from 26,000 EUR (in companies with less than 10 employees) and up to 36,800 EUR in companies with over 1,000 employees.

Here’s a look at the average annual salaries of professionals in specific fields:

ProfessionAnnual salary (EUR)
General Director101,810
Finance Director96,610
Civil Engineer42,155
Police officer34,740

Average monthly salary for some of the most popular jobs in Italy:

JobAverage net monthly wage (EUR)
Project manager2,500
Commercial agent1,650
Operator social health1,200
Shop assistant1,100
Baby sitter980

The minimum wage in Italy

Italy is one of the few countries that doesn’t have a regulated minimum wage.

Living in Italy as an American: What To Expect?

Average salary in Italy in 2022

What Is A Good Salary In Italy? | expatrist.com (3)

In 2022, the average salary in Italy was 28,500 EUR, which is approximately 1,624 EUR net per month.

The highest average salaries in Italy are in the financial and banking sectors. But there is a large discrepancy in the wages earned by men and women in these fields. In 2019, men earned about 25% more than women in finance and banking jobs.

Furthermore, salaries in the North are higher than in the South:

  • Average salary in the North of Italy:30,276 EUR
  • Average salary in central Italy:29,075 EUR
  • Average salary in the South and Islands:26,473 EUR

Here are the average salaries in different Italian cities:

CityAverage annual salary (EUR)
Monza Brianza31,625
Most In-Demand Jobs in Italy in 2023

Salaries in Italy by jobs

The table below shows the average salary in Italy across different jobs:

JobIndustryAverage monthly salary (EUR)Average annual salary (EUR)
Sales ManagerManagement5,80069,600
PHP ProgrammerInformation Technology3,52842,336
Business AnalystCommerce4,79757,564
ElectricianElectrical & Power Engineering1,30015,600
IT Project ManagerInformation Technology4,16750,004
Java ProgrammerInformation Technology2,29227,504
CleanerGeneral labour1,40816,896
WaiterTourism, Gastronomy, Hotel Business2,50030,000
Data scientistInformation Technology1,50018,000
Purchasing ManagerManagement6,66679,992

Gross annual salary by industry

The table below shows the average gross annual salaries in different industries in Italy:

IndustryGross annual salary in EUR
Legal, financial, management consultancy31,608
Media, web, communications31,531
Energy, utilities, environment31,309
Machinery/metal equipment30,324
Mode and Luxury28,400
Integrated business services28,335
Personal services24,356

Highest paying jobs in Italy

The highest-paying jobs in Italy can be found in the Finance and Banking sectors. Professionals in these fields can earn an average gross income of about 44,059 EUR per year.

Other high salary industries include Engineering (38,831 EUR), Oil/gas (38,198 EUR), Telecommunication (36,960 EUR), Insurance (36,560 EUR), and IT (35,857 EUR).

In Aeronautics, professionals can earn a gross annual income of 35,269 EUR. Chemistry, electrical, and electronics professionals earn about 33,876 EUR and 33,002 EUR annually.

Is 30,000 EUR before taxes a good salary in Italy?

The average salary in Italy is about 28,500 EUR to 30,000 EUR per year, which works out to about 2,375 EUR to 2,500 EUR per month or 1,624 EUR to 1,707 EUR net.

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So, a salary of 30,000 EUR would place you slightly above the national average, more so if you have to deduct taxes from that amount.

That being said, it’s possible to live comfortably on 30,000 EUR a year, but only if you are single and don’t have many financial responsibilities. In the south of Italy, this amount is considered a very good wage given the low cost of living in that area.

Besides, living expenses in Italy are lower than in many other European countries.

Therefore, if you are young and single, you could easily afford the standard living expenses such as food, accommodations, transport, healthcare, and taxes and still have some money left over for the occasional perks.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Italy?

A gross annual salary of 30,000 EUR per year would be enough to live comfortably in Italy if you are young and single, live modestly, and avoid the major metropolitan centers such as Rome and Milan.

If you have kids, like to eat out a lot or have a taste for the high fashion that the major Italian cities are known for, you would need 40,000 EUR to 50,000 EUR or more to live comfortably.

Of course, various factors such as accommodations, food, and utilities come into play when determining the feasibility of a particular salary range. For instance, you could expect to spend about 763 EUR monthly as a single adult apart from rent.

For a family of four, monthly expenditures would be closer to 2,693 EUR, again without taking rent into consideration.


So how much does it cost to rent an apartment in Italy? Prices vary considerably depending on the city and which particular area you prefer to live in.

But in general, you can expect to pay about 692 EUR per month for a one-bedroom apartment near the city center. Further out, you might pay only 529 EUR.

For a 3-bedroom apartment near the city center, monthly rental prices average 1,324 EUR. It is considerably cheaper when you look further out, with prices averaging 932 EUR.

If you would prefer to purchase an apartment outright, expect properties near the city center to cost about 4,110 EUR per square meter. Outside the city center, prices average 2,332 EUR per square meter.

Read about house prices in Italy in the dedicated article.

How Much Does a House Cost in Italy?


In most cities, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant will cost you around 15 EUR. In a mid-range restaurant, expect to pay around 60 EUR for a three-course meal for two. A combo meal in Mcdonald’s and other similar establishments would cost around 8 EUR.

Domestic beers cost about 5 EUR for a half-liter bottle. A 0.33-liter bottle of imported beer costs around 4 EUR.

A regular cappuccino would cost about 1.45 EUR in most coffee shops. Sodas are about 2.19 EUR per 0.33-liter bottle, and water costs about 1 EUR for the same sized bottle in a restaurant.

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You can reduce your food expenses considerably by shopping and preparing your food at home instead of eating out.

Regular milk costs about 1.16 EUR per liter, while white bread costs about 1.61 EUR for a 500 gran loaf. Expect to pay around 1.96 EUR for a kilo of white rice.

Eggs are about 2.83 EUR a dozen. A kilo of local cheese would cost around 12.35 EUR in most cities.

As for meat, expect chicken fillets to be priced at around 8.66 EUR per kilo. The same amount of beef round or similar red meat costs about 14.86 EUR per kilo on average.

You will want to have some fruits and vegetables in your diet, of course. Apples cost about 1.87 EUR per kilo, while bananas cost 1.63 EUR. A kilo of oranges will set you back around 1.82 EUR, and tomatoes, 2.35 EUR.

Potatoes cost about 1.28 EUR in most markets. Onions cost about 1.30 EUR, while a head of lettuce costs about 1.05 EUR.

A 1.5-liter bottle of water typically costs 0.41 EUR. A mid-range bottle of wine would cost around 5 EUR or more. A half-liter bottle of domestic beer generally costs 1.39 EUR, while imported beers cost about 1.92 EUR for a 0.33-liter bottle.

Cigarettes cost about 5.70 EUR. This price is for the 20-pack box.


Public transportation in Italy is generally cheap, as in most European countries. Even so, you will have to consider these costs if you have to commute to work regularly or live away from the city center.

A one-way ticket on a local bus line would cost around 1.50 EUR. You can save quite a bit of money by getting a monthly pass, which costs 35 EUR.

Taxis have a flag-down rate of 5 EUR. You then have to pay 1.28 EUR for each kilometer. If you need to have the taxi wait for you at a stop, expect to be charged about 27. EUR per hour.

If you are going to settle in the country or live there semi-permanently, purchasing a car might be more cost-effective. A brand-new Volkswagen Golf 1.4 or similar model would probably set you back around 23,350 EUR. A brand-new Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l would cost around 25,090 EUR in most cities.

Don’t forget to account for gas! At current prices, expect to pay around 2.14 EUR per liter all over the country.


And then there are monthly utilities. In most apartments, residents are charged a bundled rate that covers the cost of electricity, heating, cooling, water, and even garbage collection for the month. The rate is typically around 168.82 EUR for an 85-square meter apartment.

A minute of prepaid phone credits costs around 0.16 EUR. But there are also many discounted plans and promo offers that give you more minutes at cost-effective rates.

Cable internet will cost you around 28.44 EUR per month. For the price, you get speeds of 60 Mbps or more and unlimited data.

Source: numbeo.com

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In Italy, you must have valid health insurance by law. Depending on your employment status, you might be able to get public coverage or will need to sign up for private insurance.

Nonetheless, have at least 100 EUR per month within your budget for health insurance. For expats, we recommend Cigna Global. It’s one of the world’s largest providers.

Most In-Demand Jobs in Italy in 2023


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What's considered a good salary in Italy? ›

Latest data on Wages High Skilled (EUR/Month)

Average wages for high skilled employees in Italy decreased to 2340 EUR/Month (2636.263 USD/Month). The maximum level was 2650 EUR/Month and minimum was 2340 EUR/Month.

How much does a caregiver earn in Italy in euro? ›

The average pay for a Caregiver is €22,837 a year and €11 an hour in Italy. The average salary range for a Caregiver is between €17,401 and €26,513.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Italy? ›

In fact, Italy is the 4th cheapest country in Western Europe. So how much does it cost to live in Italy? To answer this question, let's take a quick look at the average basic living expenses in Italy per month. Based on this, we can say that the average cost of living in Italy per month is around €1,600.

How much do you need to live comfortably in Italy per month? ›

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,942.3$ (2,769.2€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 845.2$ (795.4€) without rent. Cost of living in Italy is, on average, 16.4% lower than in United States. Rent in Italy is, on average, 56.8% lower than in United States.

What is middle income in Italy? ›

The median household income (PPP) in Italy was $35,189 in 2021.

How much is rent in Italy? ›

In small towns you can find rentals from $300 and up. Aside from housing costs, the living expenses in Italy are fairly consistent around the country.
Here's a sample of regular monthly expenses for two people and some prices on staple items:
ExpenseU.S. $
Rent (two bedroom apartment)$650
8 more rows

What is the living salary in Italy? ›

Living Wages in Context (monthly rates in EUR)
Living Wage - Single Adult670-920675-915
Living Wage - Typical Family1110-14801110-1470
Real wage of low-skilled worker915-1200900-1190
Real wage of medium-skilled worker1280-16201270-1610
2 more rows

How much is a Caregiver salary in Italy? ›

The average salary for a Caregiver is €1,000 per month in Italy. The average Caregiver salary in Italy is €12,000 per year. Entry level Caregiver positions start at €9,600 per year. Experienced senior Caregiver positions can get up to €20,040 per year.

How much is a cleaner paid in Italy? ›

The average pay for a Cleaner is €19,196 a year and €9 an hour in Italy. The average salary range for a Cleaner is between €14,839 and €22,076. On average, a Less Than HS Degree is the highest level of education for a Cleaner.

How much do Aupairs get paid in Italy? ›

There are no official regulations when it comes to the amount of pocket money au pairs receive in Italy. Based on our experience, we recommend that host families pay their au pairs 250-300 euros per month.

Where do most American expats live in Italy? ›

Located in the north of Italy, Bologna is one of the country's best cities for expats, with its lively social and cultural scene, as well as a large range of professional opportunities for those looking for work.

Can an American live full time in Italy? ›

Living in Italy as a US citizen is possible if you have the right permit. There are 2 types of residence permits in Italy: 1. Permesso di Soggiorno: a temporary, renewable residence permit with varying durations of validity.

Is it cheaper to live in Italy or USA? ›

The average cost of living in Italy ($1320) is 40% less expensive than in the United States ($2213). Italy ranked 36th vs 5th for the United States in the list of the most expensive countries in the world.

How much income do I need to retire in Italy? ›

Conditions for expats retiring to Italy

In order to retire to Italy, a foreign citizen must comply with a few requirements. Among these, the foreign citizen must be retired and have a minimum annual income of EUR 31,000. For married couples seeking to retire in Italy, the minimum amount necessary is EUR 38,000.

Is it cheaper to retire in Italy than in the US? ›

Housing Costs in Italy

Italy is far less expensive than the U.S. when it comes to housing. According to August 2022 data from Numbeo.com, average rents in Italy are almost 59% lower than they are in the U.S. For a one-bedroom city center apartment, you can expect to pay about $690 per month in rent.

How much is monthly rent in Italy? ›

Housing rent and utilities in Italy

Rent in a big city will range from around €400 to €700 for a furnished apartment. In small towns, you can find accommodation from €300.

Do Italians pay high taxes? ›

In 2022 the tax rate for an individual is between 23%-43%, In addition to direct taxation (IRPEF), there is also a regional tax of 0.7%-3.33% and a municipal tax of 0%-0.9%.

What is the most common salary in Italy? ›

Between 2000 and 2019, the average wage in Italy experienced an increase, reaching almost 29,900 euros in 2019. However, in 2020 there was a decrease to 28,100 euros, before increasing again to 29,700 euros in 2021.

How much tax do you pay in Italy? ›

The national income tax is the core one, ranging from 23% to 43% of your taxable income. Income taxes in Italy are progressive meaning that taxes will increase the more you earn. 1. If your income is less than € 15,000 you are subject to 23% IRPEF.

How much does it cost an american to live in Italy? ›

On average you're looking at around 1500 euros or 1900 USD a month to move to a small city or larger town. That doesn't include the moving costs, which would be around 6,000-10,000 USD depending on your situation for the plane ticket, deposit on an apartment, help with a visa, etc.

What's it like to live in Italy as an American? ›

Other pros to making Italy your new home is that you'll be able to eat fresh and wholesome food every day, have access to a topnotch education system, good public transport, gorgeous scenery, and a rich culture and history. Essentially you'll be living where many Americans only dream of having their ideal vacation!

Is living in Italy worth it? ›

All in all, Italy is a beautiful country with wonderful food, fascinating history, and gorgeous scenery. Be aware that the Italian lifestyle will come at a high cost for you if you want to live in one of the main cities like Rome or Milan. You'll need to know some basic vocabulary before moving here.

How much does the average Italian make a month? ›

The gross salary range for people working in Italy is typically from 1,310 EUR (minimum salary) to 5,055 EUR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

Does Italy pay high salary? ›

The salary range of employees working in Italy is, by default, in the range of 1,310.00 EUR (low salaries, employees' actual wages may be even lower) to 5,055.00 EUR (high salaries, actual salaries can be even higher).

How much do hotel workers make in Italy? ›

Salary Recap

The average pay for a Hotel Housekeeping Attendant is €19,978 a year and €10 an hour in Italy. The average salary range for a Hotel Housekeeping Attendant is between €15,403 and €23,015. On average, a High School Degree is the highest level of education for a Hotel Housekeeping Attendant.

How much do family doctors make in Italy? ›

The average pay for a Physician is €132,632 a year and €64 an hour in Italy. The average salary range for a Physician is between €88,068 and €168,708. On average, a Doctorate Degree is the highest level of education for a Physician.

Do nurses get paid a lot in Italy? ›

Salary Recap

The average pay for a Registered Nurse is €50,456 a year and €24 an hour in Italy. The average salary range for a Registered Nurse is between €35,168 and €61,405. On average, a Bachelor's Degree is the highest level of education for a Registered Nurse.

Do you tip hotel housekeeping in Italy? ›

Tipping the housekeeping staff one euro per night is the custom in Italy. Leaving a tip every day ensures the gratuity gets to the person responsible for making the bed and getting clean towels that day.

What is the best paying job in Italy? ›

The Best Paying Jobs In Italy
  • Surgeons: up to 21,000 Euros a month.
  • Lawyers: up to 14,000 Euros a month.
  • Bank managers: 13,000 Euros a month.
  • Marketing directors: 2,390 to 7,620 Euros a month.
  • College professors: 3,190 to 10,200 Euros a month.

Are waiters paid well in Italy? ›

The average pay for a Waiter/Waitress is €18,206 a year and €9 an hour in Italy. The average salary range for a Waiter/Waitress is between €14,182 and €20,791. On average, a High School Degree is the highest level of education for a Waiter/Waitress.

Which country pays highest in au pair? ›

Key feature for au pairs: Money

As an added bonus, you have the opportunity to snag one of the world's highest paying au pair jobs. As an au pair in Australia, you can earn up to 1,000 AUD (711 USD) per month. That's much higher than in other countries!

Which countries pay au pairs the most? ›

Best countries to Au Pair based on pay, hours, and benefits
  • United States. Pay: $850 a month. Hours: 45 hours per week. ...
  • Denmark. Pay: $650 a month. Hours: 18-30 hours per week. ...
  • Sweden. Pay: $450 a month. Hours: 25 hours per week. ...
  • Germany. Pay: $360 a month. Hours: 30 hours per week. ...
  • China. Pay: $100-$300 a month.
Sep 5, 2017

How many hours do au pairs work in Italy? ›

An Au Pair in Italy should work 30 hours per week, but their working hours should not exceed 5 hours per day. Working hours may be flexible, but the participant should have at least one day off a week. Of course, the working hours include babysitting!

What are some high paying jobs in Italy? ›

The Best Paying Jobs In Italy
  • Surgeons: up to 21,000 Euros a month.
  • Lawyers: up to 14,000 Euros a month.
  • Bank managers: 13,000 Euros a month.
  • Marketing directors: 2,390 to 7,620 Euros a month.
  • College professors: 3,190 to 10,200 Euros a month.

Does Italy have free healthcare? ›

Italy Healthcare System

The national health service in Italy, Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN), provides residents with free or low-cost healthcare that includes access to general practitioners (GPs), treatment at public hospitals, subsidised medicines, lab services, ambulance services and certain specialist care.

How much does it cost to live in Italy in US dollars? ›

However, if you are not really interested to read the details, here is your answer: our cost of living in Italy per month is 1600 Euros – for a couple (cost of living in Italy in us dollars = U$ 1720).

What is the most demanding job in Italy? ›

The most in-demand jobs in Italy in 2023
  • Manual workers.
  • Drivers.
  • Marketing professionals.
  • Engineers.
  • Waiters.
Jan 25, 2023

Can I work in Italy as an American? ›

Work Permits

American citizens who have a job offer in Italy, or wish to work in Italy, either temporarily or permanently, must be provided with a work permit obtained by the prospective employer, and must obtain a work visa from the Italian Consular authorities BEFORE coming to Italy.

What are the top 3 jobs in Italy? ›

8 best jobs in Italy for a profitable career!
  • Surgeons.
  • Lawyers.
  • Bank managers.
  • Marketing directors.
  • University professors.
  • English teachers.
  • University teaching assistants.
  • Italian language teacher.
Sep 20, 2022


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